Find the Cat and More!

Books that Make Learning to Read Fun!

​​Find the Cat and More!​

Books that make learning to read fun!

In these books you will have fun finding the cat, searching for the dog, describing the cat and dog, learning what the dog can do and what the cat can see and more! Learning to read is fun when reading about cute, furry cats and dogs. You won't even realize each book focuses on a part of speech including prepositions, nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs and more. 

Download the extra fun, free activities for each book under the "How to Use the Books" tab to create connections from what you read and learn in these books to your home, school and outside. Sharing and reading these books together will inspire a lifelong love of learning and connection to each other. 

Click on the cat above to get a free sample of Find the Cat and More! Volume 1

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Find the Cat and More! Books that make learning to read fun!

Free Sample of Find the Cat and More! Volume 1